Durabou Bambus/Bamboo
Bamboo polymer composite decking
BPC Terrasse, Schwyz

Hardy decking made from bamboo powder and recycled shopping bags
Bamboo polymer composite (BPC) decking provides a resistant, long lasting terrace deck, which retains it's colour without laborious maintenance and which offers a splinter-free surface.

BPC decking products are composites consisting of 60% bamboo fibre and powder, 30% recycled polyethylene or polypropylene and 10% additives, which include processing agents, UV protectors and pigments.

In addition to terraces, BPC is suitable for use in fencing and screening, swimming pool surrounds, garden furniture, jetties and walkways. BPC accessories, including sub-construction slats, clips and screws are available together with BPC decking.

BPC decking offers a number of advantages:
  1. High colour stability in comparison with wood and does not turn grey.
  2. Durability and resistannce to insects, UV radiation and climatic conditions
  3. Resistance class 1-2 (EN 350-2)
  4. Environmentally neutral and recyclable
  5. Splinter and crack free and low maintenance requirements
  6. High density and surface hardness
BPC Terrasse

BPC Products

Vollmassiv BPC 21mm Solid BPC Decking
20.5 x 140 x 2900mm
Colours: Mahogany, terra cotta, grey

Vollmassiv BPC 21mm Solid BPC Decking
25 x 140 x 2900mm
Colours: Mahogany, terra cotta, grey

Bamboo WPC colours