Durabou Bambus/Bamboo

Hard wearing and resistant

Bamboo flooring provides an excellent, resistant and long lasting flooring solution for private homes, rental properties and commercial flooring surfaces.

With a range of colours, surfaces and formats, bamboo flooring supplements and enhances the design of any internal space.

With a hardness which exceeds that of most available types of wooden flooring, compressed bamboo offers long life and resistance to damge, which makes it ideal for floors subjected to high wear and tear.

Stable and durable decking

Bamboo polymer composite terrace decking provides a long lasting, colour stable and splinter-free decking surface, which requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

Quality materials

Supply of industrial raw materials with a renewable focus and recycling consulting.

Natural chemical products including turpentine, pine oil, gum rosin and palm oil; glycol ethers, esters, dust collection filter tubes and particulate respirators.

Design and implementation procedures for textile recycling.